Lanzarote Airport Flights to and from Spain

Gran Canaria Flights To LPA  |  Flights From LPA
315 weekly flights
Tenerife North Flights To TFN  |  Flights From TFN
148 weekly flights
Madrid Flights To MAD  |  Flights From MAD
63 weekly flights
Barcelona Flights To BCN  |  Flights From BCN
31 weekly flights
Tenerife South Flights To TFS  |  Flights From TFS
28 weekly flights
Bilbao Flights To BIO  |  Flights From BIO
16 weekly flights
Sevilla Flights To SVQ  |  Flights From SVQ
16 weekly flights
Santiago De Compostela Flights To SCQ  |  Flights From SCQ
10 weekly flights
Malaga Flights To AGP  |  Flights From AGP
9 weekly flights
Fuerteventura Flights To FUE  |  Flights From FUE
8 weekly flights
Oviedo Aviles Flights To OVD  |  Flights From OVD
6 weekly flights
Alicante Flights To ALC  |  Flights From ALC
4 weekly flights
Santa Cruz De La Palma Flights To SPC  |  Flights From SPC
4 weekly flights
Manises Flights To VLC  |  Flights From VLC
4 weekly flights

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Airports in Spain with Connections to Lanzarote Airport


Useful Information about Lanzarote Airport

Record-breaking 5% Increase in Passengers at Lanzarote Airport Signals Remarkable Q3 Growth

Unprecedented Growth in Q3 2023 at Lanzarote Airport: A Noteworthy 5.48% Increase in Passenger Traffic Compared to Q3 2021's Remarkable 93.23% Rise

Lanzarote Airport Passenger Volume Sees 10% Increase in September 2023

Lanzarote Airport in the Canary Islands, Spain, experienced a 9.54% growth in passenger numbers, reaching a total of 668,707 compared to the 610,473 passengers recorded in September 2019...

13% Surge in Passenger Numbers in July at Lanzarote Airport

Lanzarote Airport has witnessed a notable surge in passenger numbers, with July 2023 experiencing a remarkable 13.30% increase compared to the same pre-pandemic month in 2019...

Lanzarote Airport Reports Steady Recovery in Passenger Numbers for Q2 2023

Comparing Lanzarote Airport Passenger Statistics for Q2 2023 to Previous Years and Highlighting Top Destinations and Airlines