Flights from Prague Airport (PRG) to Lanzarote Airport Airport (ACE)

Flights from Prague - Ruzyne International to Lanzarote are operated by 2 airliners including Smartwings and Czech Airlines. When travelling from Prague - Ruzyne International you will cover about 2,061 miles before you reach Lanzarote. This journey will take 4 Hours 43 Minutes.

The cost of the flights varies significantly so we can’t provide you an estimate. Prices can be 50% cheaper if you book more than a month in advance. If you are on a tight budget then you should avoid flying at peak hours as the prices are more expensive. The cheapest flights are in the evenings and in mid week. We recommend our viewers to pay and reserve the seats in advance. This ensures you get the best seats on the plane at the cheapest prices.

The time zone at Lanzarote is different from Prague - Ruzyne International, so please be aware of this when making travel arrangements.

Please see below the airlines that fly from Prague - Ruzyne International (PRG) to Lanzarote (ACE) and the amount of daily flights in operation.

Flights Chart
AirlinerMoTuWeThFrSaSuFirst FlightLast FlightFlights
Smartwings001000012:0012:00VIEW FLIGHTS
Czech Airlines001000012:0012:00VIEW FLIGHTS

Most people choose to fly with Smartwings. They offer the largest number of flights so they have times which are most likely to suite you. The flights they offer will go by the flight numbers QS1214 with times between 12:00 and 12:00.

If you would like more information on this flight the please visit the website for Smartwings at You will be able to find the latest availability, prices and make your booking online.

Flight times for the route are summarised in the table below. These time were correct at the time of writing, but please be aware that times may vary from time to time so please check their website for exact times and the dates you wish to fly.

Flights Time In WeekDays
DayFlight TimesFlights
AirlineFlight  No
Czech AirlinesOK4662

Before you start your journey remember to check you have all your documents; in particular, your passport and flight tickets. You will be surprised at the amount of people of forget these!

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Flight Price FAQ - Prague (PRG) to Lanzarote (ACE)

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What is the cheapest flight one way from Prague PRG to Lanzarote ACE?
The cheapest flight one way from Prague PRG to Lanzarote ACE is £137.92 ($176 €163.60)
$176 | €163.60
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What is the cheapest return flight from Prague PRG to Lanzarote ACE?
The cheapest return flight from Prague PRG to Lanzarote ACE is £224.12 ($286 €265.85)
$286 | €265.85
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Important Note: Prices shown are taken from searches performed for flights operating during the current month. Please use the "Latest Price" buttons to get the most up to date airfares.

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Flight Info FAQ - Prague (PRG) to Lanzarote (ACE)

Who flies from Prague to Lanzarote?
The following airlines fly from Prague (PRG) to Lanzarote (ACE): Czech Airlines, Smartwings.
How far is the flight from Prague to Lanzarote?
The flight from Prague to Lanzarote is 3,317KM or 2,061 miles.
How long does the flight from Prague to Lanzarote to take?
The flight from Prague to Lanzarote takes 4 Hours 43 Minutes.

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